79-day Tour following Vincent to Edinburgh

Here is a quick rundown of the trip as it stands now  … More to be revealed on June 4th.
19 days until Liftoff …
JUNE 23 I am leaving on a 79 day Journey through France
  1. First Stop, London: I am sure there is a kickoff event in London but my pals are taking care of that. Then we are driving a car painted with sunflowers to Arles, in the south of France for the Photography Festival:


    OPENING WEEK : 01 -> 07 JULY

  2. 2nd stop along the way may be Auvers-sur-Oise(Hotel where Vincent died), 
  3. Giverny(Monet lived)
  4. St.Remy, the Assylem
  5. Arles The Yellow House June 31-July 10 (Largest Photography Exhibition in the world)
  6. Nancy, in the Leon region I hope to meet the famous sculptour Remus Botar Botarro who is called the next Brancusi. Remus called me on the phone 2 weeks ago while I was working at Ryans Daughter. Remus said that he has a place for me and my work in his museums in London and Paris. We met by chance in 2016. I believe the reason he offered me this chance of a lifetime was because of our short conversation on the street of Edinburgh, I did not know who he was, he asked me if I copy Van Gogh’s Style? My response was, I have no idea what happens when the pen is put to the paper, the creative process is something magical and if anyone tells you they know what it is they are lying …. he left and came back in 45 minutes … introduced himself, gave me his card and then offered me the chance Van Gogh Never got, a space to show his work. (I cried, sweetly)
  7. next is Mons Belgium for July 27 event
  8. Edinburgh July 31- Aug 28 100 shows in 25 days.
  9. Walter The Wanderer is 25 performances of the 100  I’ll be doing a colour along and also (Relaxed Performances) for children and adults on the spectrum
  10. Morecambe, Vintage Fest Aug 31
  11. Flight Sept 11 London to NYC

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