April Update 2019 NYC

Hello, I was responding to a request for information for an upcoming live drawing event. I wanted to pass this along to internet travelers. Cheers, Walter and Vincent

Walter is a NYC based artist currently traveling the world with his one-man show about Vincent Van Gogh. Walter draws live performances around NYC and in the Festival and also draws live while he is performing his show.

In NYC You can find him performing the Van Gogh Experience at The Met and The MoMa. Walter has received 50 – 5 Star Reviews for his NYC Museum Experiences in his 1st year.
Next up, May-August:
Philadelphia, Cincinnati, London, Paris, Auvers-Sur-Oise, Arles, and Edinburgh.
 Picture taken in Morecambe, UK of a fan
 wearing my BeSpoke Leather Jacket
 In June Walter is traveling with the artist @MorganIco. to Arles, France via London in an #art Vehicle painted by @MorganIco.
Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.37.24 PM.png
And off to Edinburgh again for the 4th and final Edinburgh Festival Fringe where he will be performing 2 shows a day as part of The PBH Free Fringe. Van Gogh Find Yourself and Walter The Wanderer.
To make the most of the Edinburgh Festival, Walter has created a few Air BnB Experiences where you can Live With Van Gogh at The Fringe,  as well as have Dinner With Van Gogh and Friends and you can also Van Gogh Find Yourself & Impressionism at The museum in Edinburgh.
For the 4th Year while in Edinburgh, on August 10th his late Mum’s Birthday,  Walter will attempt to break the world record for Most Portraits in 12 Hours to raise awareness for Mental Health and the charity Support In Mind Scotland.
Walter’s home base is the Iconic Irish Pub Ryan’s Daughter in Yorkville on the U.E.S.
You can find him upstairs curating festivals and art shows, or he will draw you a live portrait.

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