5 Things I learned at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I knew that I was going to the largest arts festival in the world and needed guidance. I read and listened to Podcasts about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe … and then the Angels helped me … I took a Boost Camp with Peter Michael Marino to learn everything you need to know about going to EdFringe.

Through Peter Michael Marino’s Boost Camp:

BOOST CAMP is my fun 2-day

Reading Blog posts and articles I repeatedly found this advice:

  1. Believe in your show. I did!  I had done the show previously in the FringeNYC directed by Lawrence Lowry which was the second run. The 1st ever performance upstairs at Ryan’s Daughter is where it all started with the title Van Gogh Fuck Yourself which was directed by Ed Malone.
  2. Bring your best work. I hoped and dreamed … I worked out the new ideas with Peter and had inspiration and the letters of Vincent to keep me going.
  3. Try and stand out: How can you separate yourself from the thousands of shows? I hired a publicist, Ann-Marie Baptiste from A.M.B.A. (thank you Peter!!), She helped me break the record with my “Guinness Book of World Record” attempt at Most Portraits in 12 Hours, which is a great way to create a buzz. Ann-Marie got me on London Live my 1st day I arrived in London. I sent a FB message and my friends in NYC saw me on TV at 1:00pm EST.  The next day I was live on  BBC Radio with Jo Good and  after that interview I was interviewed by Lucy,  on Fresh Air a student radio program in Edinburgh covering the Fringe. The day after the BBC Radio interview we went to the performance space Ann-Marie found @ ( Cafe Van Gogh) in Brixton. This was close to where Vincent lived when he was 18 years old.   I drew people all day and did a 30 minute piece for the audience at 8pm. Then on the 5th of August STV  interviewed me and did an almost 4 and a half  minute spot  that looped throughout the Festival on local TV which you can see here.
  4. Don’t be a D*ck – everyone knows everyone and everyone talks to everyone.
  5. Don’t be a D*ck – it’s worth repeating.

Here is an article by Barry Church-Woods 

I found this useful and consistent with what I learned from Peter’s Boost Camp,

by Barry Church-Woods from


How to get through the festival without dying

Here is a search link on Sound Cloud  for

Edinburgh Festival Fringe interviews and panel discussions Search

Taken after the Dandy Darkly Show
Diane @CafeVanGogh in Brixton. #vgfy 7-28-2016


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    1. Thanks Peter. I just was updating the website and am thankful you are a generous person too. Needed to hear this. Thanks so much.

  1. Walter,

    Would you be interested in speaking on my radio program about your Van Gogh show.
    I saw the show and thought that it was wonderful. Congratulations.

    My program airs live on WPKN FM in Connecticut on Sunday nights @ 10 PM.
    Interviews can be via telephone or recorded on location. I’m in NYC daily.
    I’ve got openings this Sunday 07/16 via phone or can prerecord most anytime.

    Let me know if you’re interested and available.

    Cheers and the best to you!

    Dave Schwartz
    Producer Host WPKN Sunday Night Live

    Cell – 203 321 7774 (anytime)
    Studio – 203 331 9756 (Only Sunday)

    Websites WPKN.ORG

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