Update: London 2018 #EdFringe Previews and dreams becoming reality

VGFY Spirit of The Fringe
Winner Spirit of The Fringe Cincy Fringe 2018

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22/7/2018 London: I landed at Heathrow early on Monday, went to Slough and had a nice breakfast with Gerard and his Mum. It is nice to be picked up from the airport by a friendly face, Gerard. I met Gerard at the Orlando International Fringe in May. Fringe friends. I cant say more. Amazing.

In London I am an Artist in Residence at Cafe Van Gogh in Brixton. I sketch when I stop in, have a meal and I feel at home.

Dan and Venus 24-7-18 @CafeVanGoghBrixton

Van Gogh Walk is around the corner as well as The Van Gogh House on 87 Hackford Rd.

I rode by on my bike and the house is under renovation.  My tire suddenly went flat so I had to stay a bit anyway.

This is a Historic Site.

‘VINCENT VAN GOGH, 1853 – 1890, Painter, lived here 1873 – 1874’

The people involved in the renovations are TOPS. Connor from Cork (another Ginger), chatted with me,  we took a selfie and then he said that Livia was stopping by in a minute.

Livia Wang

Livia is the architect and she showed me the inside of the house. The Garden is gutted and the house still has support beams holding up the ceiling on each floor of the house. Wallpaper is peeled, old newspapers from the 1950’s are strewn about and I could see the view from the window and imagine Vincent peacefully gazing out the window. Climbing the steps and then of course asking the landlady’s daughter for her hand in marriage, but alas, Vincent was too late as someone had beat him to the proposal.

The renovations will bring about an artist residency. Surreal to say the least and also effortless in a way. Timing is everything.

On Wednesday I went to see Bat Outa Hell and Meatloaf was in the audience. Peter Michael Marino just landed and my friends in London, James and Diana had an extra ticket for Peter. YAY.

Diana just hot a wonderful note in her photography as she released never before seen photos of Amy Winehouse.

My day with Amy Winehouse: Never-before-seen photos of the late singer

In 2004, photographer Diane Patrice visited a flat in Camden to document ‘a day in the life’ of the singer-songwriter behind one of the most recognisable voices in British music

Diane is such a nice person as well. I am so happy for her. I remember the year before we all celebrated my birthday and I never felt alone in a distant city.

After the show Bat Outa Hell, I picked up my bike at the Brixton Bicycle

 I then went to draw at the Cafe and met some more amazing people. Will was doing a show at 9pm at Cafe Van Gogh.

He is a master and also a trooper. It was a bit Hot Hot Hot upstairs. Great times and good laughs.

Today I am posting this UPDATE and performing in Peter’s ALL-STAR READING of Desperately Seeking The Exit.

Is this real? Pinch me please. I am looking to come back in March for the opening of the Tate Museum’sVan Gogh Exhibition, The renovations are also planning to be done, fingers crossed, to coincide with the Tate’s Van Gogh Exhibition opening.



Tuesday’s Link for tickets:

31-7-18 #VGFY in London

2pm + 4pm +  (6p+8p Shows SOLD OUT )

standing room only















Next up 1-August Edinburgh arrival from London on the train.









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