Van Gogh Find Yourself scores a 94 out of 100

Audiences  have scored #VGFY a 94, out of 100

#VGFY on Show Score

Next show Feb 23rd at Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia

Then: The 2nd Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest at Ryan’s Daughter 350 East 85th Street in Manhattan.

Unofficial Upper East Side EdFestRated as high as a 97 in September, audiences love the interactive art making and true story from Vincent himself.

Audiences have said –

“The man has created a WORLD. Imagine sitting in a room full of art supplies with Van Gogh as he recounts his life and occasionally sketches audience members. You’re also free to doodle and make art as you listen/watch. It simply cannot be lovelier”

“Don’t expect a completely scripted production as DeForest interacts spontaneously with his audience and each performance must be unique.”






“Absorbing, Ambitious, Thought-provoking, Resonant, Great writing”

See it if You love theater and want to experience wonderful acting and be enlightened about history and the insight of an artistic genius!!

See it if you want to find out more about Van Gogh, his thought process and philosophy, whilst also being inspired to live your life the way you want.

See it if “You want to be thoroughly entertained and get to know Van Gogh in a whole new light.”

Walter also broke the World Record for most portraits in 12 hours to raise awareness for mental health on Aug, 10th.

See it if “You’ve ever wondered what was going on in the mind of one of the most brilliant artists in history.”

See it if “You’re a fan of the arts, you enjoy a well-placed anachronism, and you like exploring how people think about their world.”

“Funny, Clever, Great acting, Intelligent, Entertaining



Audience reviews Edinburgh:

Clive Ramage

The wonderful thing about Van Gogh is that his story gives all struggling artists a great sense of hope. That all the work and hardship will someday be worthwhile. #VGFY brings Vincent’s story to life before your eyes like no book or documentary can. Warm, inspiring and very touching. If you love Van Gogh you will love this show.

Dave Rado

One of the best shows on the Fringe. Brilliant acting and very engaging and illuminating. Makes you feel that Van Gogh is really in the room talking to you.

Alexander Wirtz

Walter’s show was entertainingly educational and eye-opening. A great look into the artist, Van Gogh, as told in character. I saw this as a new way to present history as well as get across what Walter believes are some of Van Gogh’s most important messages as well as what can be thought of today’s artists. Go and see this show for something that will make you laugh, smile and maybe even shed a tear. Don’t forget to support artists while they are alive!

Michael Hobbs

Excellent. Quite inspiring.

Linda Tanner

Ten out of ten. I felt I was in the room with Vincent Van Gough talking to his brother Theo, with the emotions he felt creating his art. Powerful and convincing acting. As a writer and artist myself, I enjoyed watching Walter creating a piece of art in front of us, expressing the struggles that Vincent had during his life through his art. It felt very real.

Colette Cohen

Vincent Van Gough was portrayed from the letters he wrote to his brother. Van Gough is my favorite artist and it was enthralling hearing about his life entirely from the artist’s own thoughts and reactions. Loved this show and I would recommend it to all art lovers, especially anyone that adores Vincent Van Gough.

Sam Manley

A beautiful telling of Van Gogh’s life, with drawings done by the audience (if they’d like to join in, but it must be stressed it never felt like there was any pressure to do so, and the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed). The portrayal of the artist is superb, and if you have any interest in the arts, art history, or you just want to take in a good solid show, you really should give this performance an hour of your time – you’ll come away feeling uplifted. Highly recommended.

pdf Poster VGFY Edinburgh 16

J Jenkinson

#Vgfy has a very inspiring narrative, whilst being true to Gogh’s life. Walter was captivating, made all the audience included in his narrative and art making, and was just amazing to see perform. If you are an art lover, or you need to hear some positive words about life, you must see this!

Bill Stevenson-Arts and Entertainment, The Holland Times

This is as close as anyone can get to actually meeting Van Gogh, himself! It is an honest and genuine portrayal that at first, jovially pulls in the audience, but eventually exposes the inner turmoil of this misunderstood genius. The audience surrounds Deforest, with all sketching away as the story unfolds. Here’s the shortest 55 minutes you’ll spend at The Fringe! HIGHLY recommended!

Chueh Li-Tien

If you are searching for an uplifting experience, come see #VGFY! You will have an intimate encounter with Van Gogh, and he will share his art supplies as well as his life turning points with you. #VGFY is a mirror of why we were where we were, why we are where we are now, and where we can be next.

Terri Bloore

I loved this show, I wanted to go last year but due to timings, it didn’t work out. I was not disappointed. Beautiful, honest telling of Van Gogh’s life.

Sammie Steel

I saw this very informative, intimate, sometimes briefly intense, descriptive walk through Van Gogh’s life this afternoon by Mr. DeForest and would highly recommend it. Whether you are an expert on Van Gogh or have just done the reading (/Googling) I have done or don’t know who Van Gogh was (is?) at all, I imagine it’d be worth a visit. Plus, if you want to draw, you can draw! A very well spent 55 minutes.

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