Van Gogh Love Yourself #vgfy 2020 updates February

Van Gogh Love Yourself is happening Friday Feb 14. Relationship and dating advise from Vincent. A bit of fun to be had, art supplies available, Music and a Sexpert to open the evening featuring:

KRISTA KOMONDOR (Writer/Performer) Krista Komondor is a comedian, playwright, and recovering nurse practitioner. Her first solo show to debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival garnered five stars, and was described as “Comic gold with a big loving heart.” She has performed in the US, UK, and France. Her improvisational background includes work with the Magnet Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade. Krista documents her journey from mousy healthcare provider to ballsy performer on More information can be found at

I am also revealing the Vegan Sheppards Pie Friday Night. as I have been Vegan for 5 months and continuing to break down the fear and anxiety of taking total control of what I am putting into my body. It is a bit overwhelming but I find that reconnecting with nature and what the earth provides us with is utterly humbling. When I think about all the food, shelter, clothing, medicine that is all provided by our wonderful planet, a deeper connection to my life unfolds as well as I continue to create and perform, “Always searching, never finding.” – Vincent

I did the 1st ever Van Gogh Vegan event in Philadelphia on 1.20.2020

In other news Arther Holmberg, who interviewed me during the summer for his book wanted to reference my research.

Absolutely, I said and  most Importantly are the 1st two that I have dove into. Also the stories you hear and the information gathered from my trips through France, Belgium the EU and the UK have deepened my experience, the show and my life.

News and reviews after I saw you:

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