#VGFY UKEU Update March 2019

A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks and I am now looking at my last week in London and the UK. Here is a #runDown and a #runUp of things that came and things that are to be #VGFY #GetDrawnIn.

  1. March 1st – 6 performances of 15 shows in 2 Days  for The 3rd Annual Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest
  2. March  2nd 9 performances of the 15 shows in 2 Days for The 3rd Annual Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest
  3. March 3 Flight to LondonCannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.
  4. March 5-10  Fly to Arles 
  5. March 9 Arles Sculpture unveiling of Anthony Padgett’s bust of Van Gogh
  6. I met the Author of Van Gogh’s Ear Bernadette Murphy and we rode to see some Almond trees in Bloom
  7. March 9 Documentary Premier release of Van Gogh Find Yourself by Jordi Busquets
  8. March 10 Make the Sunday Newspaper in Arles – 2 articles
  9. March 10 Fly to London for SOLD OUT @Draper Hall 
  10. March 11 Morecambe trip with Walter The Wanderer
  11. March 12 School Shows 20 Min.
  12. March 12 School Shows 30 Min.
  13. March 12 School Shows 30 Min.
  14. March 14 BBC Lancashire interview and Portrait drawing at The Re Store.
  15. March 14 Walter The Wanderer children’s book reading
  16. March 14 Westend Impact VGFY show.
  17. March 14 SOLD OUT VGFY at Alt Space
  18.  March 19th Life Drawing Amsterdam
  19. Amsterdam
  20. March 26 London
  21. March 29-30 USA, Cincinnati (Collaboration)
  22. March 29 London:  filming a Documentary and Fundraiser
    • We will be at the house of an artist friend … a Documentary on the eviction of himself and other artists by The Lambeth Council. The artist ironically sad but actually has a photo of his work ion the Lamp Posts in a neighboring council.
  23. March 30 at 7 am BBC RADIO David & Carrie Grant  Click to Listen 3 tickets will be given away on the air for March 31 #vgfy  performance portrait and Exhibition
  24. March 30 @ 3:33pm Walk over to Van Gogh Walk to Beat Van Gogh In BasketBall win 3 tix to #VGFY Show, a portrait and the EY Exhibit on March 31
  25. March 30 Paint Jam London Secret space revealed 48 hours before event.
  26. March 31st London    Tate Britain
    • Van Gogh Find Yourself at the Tate EY Exhibit
    • I have purchased 8 tix and I have 6 tickets left available for admission. The cost to Monsieur Van Gogh was £22.00 for each ticket.
    • Do you think I can give a few away on Air?https://www.facebook.com/events/347805582496677/
  27. April 2 London Pay What You Want
  28. April 2 London Pay What You Want April 2
  29.  April 3 –  London April 3 -4
  30. APRIL 4th  JOKEOKE

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