#VGFY 2018 Tour Updates

dreamjuly87 said about my show in Cincy:

Van Gogh Find Yourself, transported you to a time and place where Van Gogh wasn’t a famous tortured artist from a text book, but a kind of mentor and friend. This show had me on the brink of tears long after it ended. Heartbreaking, tender, restorative. And bursting with so. much. love.
Go see this show at #CincyFringe it is nothing short of a gift to humanity.

Winner: The Inaugural “Spirit Of The Fringe Award”  @ Cincy Fringe 2018

Winner @OrlandoFringe 2018 Marketing Award 

Van Gogh Find Yourself – Walter DeForest

Orlando Reviews:

Orlando 2018 reviews

  1. Vincent Van Gogh comes to life
  2. Learning to love and support the Artist
  3. Let the verbal and visual imagery of ‘Van Gogh Find Yourself’ wash over you
  4. 8 of 10 sunflowers http://www.analogartistdigitalworld.com/
  5. Bungaloer Instagram review
Live June 9th 2018
Photo cred: Jeff Burkle

Photo Credit:

Ambrose Blaine


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